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DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY Physical Chemistry 03-59-241 Winter Term 2011 LECTURES: Tuesday & Thursday 13:00 – 14:20 p.m. Room: ED 1121 PROFESSOR: Dr. Jichang Wang (Office: EH 393A, ext. 3540); Email: [email protected] Website: http://mutuslab.cs.uwindsor.ca/Wang/59-241 Office hours : My office hours are quite flexible. Walk-ins are welcome or email me to arrange your consultation time. Email is effective for straight forward questions. Textbook: Physical Chemistry , P. Atkins and J. de Paula Seven or Eighth Edition, Course Outline: Lectures will cover the following topics: 1. Chemical Equilibrium --- The Gibbs energy minimum, the description of equilibrium, how equilibria respond to pressure, temperature, pH etc.; 2. Equilibrium Electrochemistry --- Thermodynamic functions of formation, ion activities, half-reactions and electrodes, electrochemical cells, the measurement of pH and p K a ; 3. Molecules in motion : molecular motion in gases, molecular motion in liquids, and diffusion process; 4. The rates of chemical reactions : Empirical chemical kinetics, integrated rate laws, reactions approaching equilibrium, elementary reactions, consecutive elementary
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