Communication Analysis 1 - this person become the leader,...

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Name __________ Tribe __________ Communication Analysis #1 Please  Type  your answers to the following questions using complete sentences and  attach to this sheet.  Use your book and/or class notes to help describe, explain, and  elaborate upon your answers. 1. When brainstorming did your group stick to your protocol or were there  times when glances, comments, or gestures were made towards an idea  in a negative manner?  Provide examples, if applicable. 2. 1a. If your group’s brainstorming protocol was broken what type of climate  did that create in your group? 3. Was there a person in the group designated as the leader?  If so, how did 
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Unformatted text preview: this person become the leader, or if not, how did your group function together? 4. Provide an example of either rapport or report talk that occurred in your group during the completion of this challenge. ( Hint: Gender Video) 5. Explain what communication theory describes the interaction in your group in order to complete this challenge (Hint: Chapter 2 pages 39-44) . Remember to include the advantages and disadvantages in your response. 6. Did everyone in your group participate? If so, how did you make this happen. If not, what could you do to ensure everyone participates next time?...
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Communication Analysis 1 - this person become the leader,...

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