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Porfolio log - following items • Title page Tribe Name...

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COM 230 – Small Group Communication Survivor Scrapbook The Survivor Scrapbook is a portfolio for the Small Group Communication course, which will be useful in your college career and beyond as you continue to be successful at engaging in effective small group communication. This scrapbook is intended to capture memories and helps to build group identity. Requirements: Purchase any materials necessary to begin developing your scrapbook. Remember your grade is based primarily on creativity and the
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Unformatted text preview: following items: • Title page: Tribe Name, The Title of the Course (include the prefix and meeting time), and the Instructor’s name. • Description of the purpose of the Portfolio Log • Your tribe’s mission statement • Your five Portfolio Assignments • Your five Team Analysis • Your Individual Paper/Small Group Analysis • Course Notes/Handouts • Picture or other creative measures...
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