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MY PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT CHECKLIST *See your course calendar for due dates. Portfolio Assignment #1 (Minimum of 1-page) List and briefly describe your personal interpretation of the 5 Theories for Groups discussed in Chapter 2. Which theory was most impressive to you? Why? Portfolio Assignment #2 (Minimum of 1-page) Write a reaction paper to each of the key points discussed in the Deborah Tannen video. Then summarize your overall feeling about the perspectives given in the video. Do you agree or disagree? Portfolio Assignment #3 (Minimum of 1-page) Read Chapter 4. After reading the chapter, select one section that intrigued you. Briefly describe your chosen section of the text and the significance it has played in your experience
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Unformatted text preview: working in a group. Portfolio Assignment #4 (Minimum of 1-page) Read Chapter 5. After reading the chapter, briefly list and describe how you use or can use each of the Supportive Communication Climate techniques in your group. Portfolio Assignment #5 (Minimum of 1-page) Your job is to create an agenda for a future meeting of this class. The purpose of this meeting is to create a list of test questions to include in a special examination for high school teachers who work with student groups. Dont make the list just create the agenda for the meeting. Use example on p. 309-310 in your textbook to help in the production of your agenda....
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