BU631_Bob Knowlton - Aydin N

BU631_Bob Knowlton - Aydin N - Aydin Najafzadeh BU 631...

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Aydin Najafzadeh 2011-01-05 BU 631 Sacred Heart University Case: "Bob Knowlton" Introduction The case is about Bob Knowlton, the current head of the photon project at Simmons Laboratories, which he joined two years ago. During a routine testing of some rejected components he had stumbled upon a solution for a photon correlator device. After the incident, Knowlton was appointed to run the project and he even confessed to himself that the whole development seemed a bit miraculous. The buzz word for the head of the laboratory, Dr. Jerrold was " There is one thing about this place that you can bank on. The sky is the limit for a person who can produce !" This was also the reason for why Bob is in the position in which he is today. This very sentence might be what has been intimidating Bob Knowlton to take a decision to leave by the end of the case. After a while a person called Fester joined the company and at first glance Bob was happy with this as Fester seemed to be knowledgeable and would be able to provide some useful insights on how to improve matters. Though this started to deteriorate as time passed and Fester started to criticize the former procedures and way of thinking, this was most likely then perceived by Bob as a personal attack on him. In the end, looking at the relationship that Dr. Jerrold and Fester had, for Bob it seemed that the only way who would spare himself from being fired was to move to another company. But as we saw the way things developed, the recommended approach would have been for Bob to have a sincere talk with his boss, Dr. Jerrold and explain to him the situation and how he feels about it and see if they can solve the issue at hand somehow, before jumping to the conclusion that leaving Simmons Laboratories is the only and final solution. Synopsis The company where the case takes place is Simmons Laboratories and the main people involved are the following; Bob Knowlton - Head of the photon project, Fester - New employee at Simmons Laboratories, has been assigned to Bob's department, Dr. Jerrold - Head of the laboratory, Link - the mathematician of the group, Oliver and Davenport - members of the team as well. There are few key events in the case; the first one being the fact that Bob is in his newly appointed position and even though in his mind he states that he has deserved this, in reality
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he might not be, as he does not have sufficient amount of experience or knowledge as we come to see later on to manage the situation. The second one being the fact that Fester starts working in the department of Bob Knowlton. At first glance Bob is happy to have someone who will bring additional amount of knowledge
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BU631_Bob Knowlton - Aydin N - Aydin Najafzadeh BU 631...

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