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Unformatted text preview: Yettng Pretbssienal Magazine litttrtt: Fntrr't'jt'tttrttl tt'lttgttrirte ths tier-emitted fur tt [ttt‘get ttudiettee el' reeettt ettllege grtttiu- ates film are in their firm Ill years in a hushtessfpmt'es siemt career. In its l'WIII years of putt; lieulitln. the thug-urine I'ttts heett fairly .s'tteeeesftl I. New the publisher is interested in expending the rttugttzitte's advertising terse. l’t-tentittl advertisers eunlinuully :tsL :thtJ-ul the detnegntptties 11nd intmsrs er subset-them te llatmg Prqfesstenat'. To collect this inf-ennu— litm. the tttitpurine etttnm'tssittttetl i't survey In develeqt u [trnt'ile In!" its suhserihers. The sur- vey results 1.t-tll he used In help the tttttyttrtne elttmse ttrtieles ul Interest i-‘l-lILl [tt'nt-itlt: advertisers with a] profile of subscribers. fits :1 new employee of the magazine. yetu have been :tttltet] ttt l1th analyze the survey results. Stunt..- at the survey tlttestitms t‘ttlhrw: 1. What is your uge‘.’ 2' J. 4. 5. T. :‘tt‘e yen: Mttle Fentule lJtt :t'tlu pitttt ltt ttt:tlt'e ltl'ljf re;tl estttle [tttreltttses in the next turn yettni? Yes Ne What is the approximate total 1rtt]ue of finuneiul investments. exclusive of your httttte. tttt ttetl has 3.1m L'II." members ttl' yuttr httttseltttltl'.’ Hew ttttttty RlflL‘thlllIJI'ltltlllltJlUlll fund lflll'IS-llllllt‘JEJS hut-e yuu made in the [liltil yettr‘.‘ Do jlmu have hrnedhztnet access tn- the Internet at heme? Yes Nr- Plettse intliettte yttttr tntttl httusehttlti ineurtte Inst 31".”. fit: you have elt'tltlrett'.r ‘t'es Net TABLE 3.6 l‘r‘tRTIr‘ti. SURVEY RESULTS FOR YflUNG PHGFESSM'NM. Mntir‘txlt‘itfi Real Estate 1|l'alne of Number of Broadband Heuselteld Age Gender Purchases Investmentsfii Transactltms items Inmmetfi} Children 3H. Female Na IIIIJLII 4 ‘r'es TSEDU Yes 30 Male Ne 11ml] 4 Yes TtBllt] 1t'es ill Female Ne 263m) 5 1|I"es 43200 Ne 2H Female Yes rattan ti Nu 95mm NI! 5 3| Female Yes 15 Hit] Nu 'i‘Jliili Yes The file entitled Professional contains the tespenses tn these questiens. Table 3.11} sheets the Fenian at" the file pertaining tn the first five survey respondents. The entire We is an the CD that aeeatttpaflies thls It: 11. Managerial Report Prepare a tttanagerial re pert Lul'lilllill'ilil'tg tlte results at the survey. In :nidiliun te statistical summaries. discuss haw the magazine might use these results ta attract adt'ettiSers. 1t'tJIu might alsn eetnrnettt an new the survey results could he used hy the magazine's editers Ia identify tnples lltal Wetlld he at interest In I'ettders. 1|t'tttlt‘ rep-art sltttultl address the tallest- ing issues. but do not Jitnit your analysis tnjusl these areas. I. i. -1- 3. 4. 5!- IS. Develan apprepriate descriptive statistics In summarize the data. Develntt 95’s- ettnlieenee intervals let the mean age and Itettsehuld inenttte ut subserihers. Develop 93% confidence intervals for the pmpmtien of subscribers who have hmati hand aeeess at heme and the pmpnrlitnt {tr su hserihers whit have children. Would fitting Firms-airmail he a gattd advertising natlet I‘ttr nnline hm kers'? Justify your eertelusien with statistical data. would this mttgttslne he a gland place [1.1 advertise fer eentptmies selling educatlettal sttt'tstare and eentpulet gttlttes it‘tr yeltttg ehildrett'.‘ Comment en the types at articles we believe would he of interest In readers at‘ Haunt! Pnflessirmai'. ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/14/2011 for the course BUS 8391-33 taught by Professor Dobbs during the Spring '10 term at Saint Charles Community College.

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Case_Study_Young_Professional_Magazine - Yettng...

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