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Nadia Fiaz Behavior Change Assignment # 2 - Summary Report for 1 st 5 Weeks Behavior Goal: (Example) Increase Cardiovascular Exercise – Reduce junk food from my diet, limit myself to twice a week Current Stage of Behavior Change (choose from below) : Action 1. Include Journal Entries from weeks 1- 5 - Each week you need to write 5 sentences addressing your progress on meeting the above goal. Discuss progress and pitfalls. 2. Summary Paragraph - Discuss the goals you met in the first 5 weeks, and outline the goals for the next 5 weeks In the first few weeks of trying to work towards my goal I wasn’t doing so well. I knew I couldn’t give up so each week I tried to change stuff to gradually get me there. I slowly began to take fries out of my diet. Then I cut out my nightly ice cream that I use to have. It was hard to stop having the chips, but it had to be done so I completely stopped having that. I still plan to cut out pizza these next few weeks. Try to take out white bread from my diet and substitute it with wheat bread. Also as much as I think goldfish isn’t
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Unformatted text preview: bad for me and eat the whole bag at once I need to also refrain from that. I need to just keep up with all the fruits since I really do like those. I have to have my room stocked with bananas and apples at all times. 3. Discuss the obstacles you faced, and how you plan to overcome them in the next 5 weeks. I always crave certain food and even if I try to substitute it with something else I’ll still be hungry. So instead of eating what I originally wanted I’ll eat double of something else. Say I wanted a slice of pizza, but I wouldn’t allow myself to have it. So instead I made a grilled cheese sandwich for myself, I would also get ranch with that. Then go back and get a snack of crackers and continue to snack on items. If I have one small craving as pizza I should give it to myself. Rather than the eating the whole size though, perhaps just have half. That way I get what I wanted originally, but just not as much of it. 4. Typed written, single spaced, due in class only...
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