Behavior Week 6

Behavior Week 6 - Behavior Week 6 My Halloween diet was...

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Behavior Week 6 My Halloween diet was soon coming to an end. I knew that means I couldn’t just go back to my old self though. I had gained so much progress throughout this last month. I could pass by a display of chips and candy without any hesitation to stop. This week I only ate out once at Jimmy Johns. I know they aren’t as healthy as Subway, but I know I defiantly like their sandwiches better. Besides the sandwich I didn’t get any additives, such as chips or pop. Behavior Week 7 This week my diet had ended. My friend and I had decided the day it would end we would go eat out and then go get candy of our choice and munch on all that. After having that feast of unhealthy food I did feel guilty. The next day I went back to eating healthy. I got my salad, salmon, but did throw in a sprite. The whole month before I was not drinking any pop. I felt like I could still treat myself once in a while. Behavior Week 8
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