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Nadia Fiaz Extra Credit I was not able to attend the Health and Wellness event until 2pm. I did stay for that whole hour before it ended. I liked how informative the whole thing was. There seemed to be an endless amount of booths. Each person at the booth had so much to tell you about. As well as giving you information they also gave you free stuff. My favorite person to speak to was the one that informed me about the new recreation center. He gave me a virtual tour of it and now I’m
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Unformatted text preview: even more excited to see the real deal. I had one question I really wanted to ask him. That question was, If I walked over to there, but bought a backpack with me, where would I be able to put my bag? He informed me that they have lockers and locks you can rent for free. Or you could even bring your own lock. Out of this event I was able to gain some knowledge and get a free t-shirt, pen, post-its, and some healthy snacks. I look forward to attending an event like this again....
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