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cyber mentor 2 - Nadia Fiaz Cyber Mentor Paper#2 My cyber...

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Nadia Fiaz Cyber Mentor Paper #2 My cyber mentor is Charles Corrigan, a special education teacher at Niles West High school in Skokie, Illinois. He has a special education classroom and works with high school students with different disabilities such as learning disorders and emotional disturbances. He is specialized in teaching global studies. I asked Mr. Corrigan questions regarding his roles as a communicator/collaborator and a learning environment/behavior manager . I wanted to know how he communicated with Paraeducators. I also wanted to know what his techniques were to work with students that misbehave. I wanted to know how he communicates with families, and how he encourages acceptance of students with disabilities with their peers. I asked Mr. Corrigan how he communicates his expectations to Paraeducators. He said that he clarifies to them their goals. If there happens to be any questions or misunderstandings he keeps a positive atmosphere where they can come speak to one another freely. According to our discussion in class on September 20 th , the teacher should develop a schedule for the Paraeducator that includes goals. Mr. Corrigan does this effectively. He creates a list of what the Paraeducator needs to get done. If any issues do arise he has made the Paraeducator well aware that he can come to him. Mr. Corrigan believes that if the Paraeducator has a good understanding of what needs to be done it will benefit the teacher, Paraeducator, and most importantly, the student. I also asked Mr. Corrigan his technique to change student’s misbehavior. He explained
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cyber mentor 2 - Nadia Fiaz Cyber Mentor Paper#2 My cyber...

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