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Nadia Fiaz SED 201-03 Learning Environment Summary My observation took place on October 8, 2010 at Niles West High School, located in Skokie, Illinois. Out of the 17 special education instructors this school has to offer, I followed around Mr. Corrigan. The first classroom I observed was a social studies co-taught class that had 22 students. The next classroom was also taught social studies, but was a class for students with disabilities that had 9 students. This school has students that come from three large suburbs. There is another school in this district that takes the other three suburbs and also has a special education program. 1. Description of Physical Setting The social studies class rooms are on the second floor in the middle of the hallway. There are 6 fairly large size classrooms for this subject. I observed the second classroom closest to the right. Mr. Corrigan and Mr. Rigby co teach this social studies class together. When I walked into the classroom I noticed it was set up in a U-shape. The teacher’s desk was up front away from the student’s smaller desks. There were students desk’s directly facing the teacher, then some to the right of the teacher and some to the left. There were windows to the left, with the blinds slightly open to let the light in. There was a whiteboard up front with nothing written on it. Around the classroom were posters of the world, a child in the middle of a desert, and one with a quote. These posters added color and liveliness to the room.
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The next class I observed was a special classroom for students with disabilities. Even though this class would also be taught social studies, it wasn’t one of the 6 classrooms designated for social studies. This classroom was on the second floor, in the corner of the east wing. This is also where the elevators are located. The classroom was fairly smaller. It had about 10 desks for students. There were two larger desks, one located to the right of the classroom and the other located to the left. There was a projector and white board up front. The white board had 9 student’s names on it with their role in some sort of skit. This classroom didn’t have as many posters, but the ones it had were simple. One had a globe on it, but didn’t include different countries. It was just shaded in 7 different colors for the continents. 2. Learner Characteristics/Variables The co taught class that I observed first had 22 students. The initial thought that came to my mind was how diverse this class was. Not based on age, since they were all freshmen, but rather culturally. There seemed to be a mix between Caucasian, African American, Asian, and Hispanic students. The special education teacher, Mr. Corrigan, kept close watch of certain students. All incoming freshmen at this school are given Net books that they will keep for the duration of their time in high school. This was a new program that they had just started this year it seemed to be pretty successful according to the teacher. However, I noticed some students
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LES - Nadia Fiaz SED 201-03 Learning Environment Summary My...

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