quiz 3 - SED 201 Doubet Fall 2010 Quiz#3 Chapter 3 4 7 25...

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SED 201, Doubet, Fall 2010 Quiz #3, Chapter 3, 4, 7 25 points Below you will find key points that will be covered on the quiz. These topics were covered during class discussions, Chapters in the text and readings. Chapter 3, Teaching Students with Higher-Incidence Disabilities Read the Chapter, Readings Have specific knowledge of the following: Higher-incidence disabilities - speech or language impairments, learning disabilities, mild or moderate mental retardation, emotional disturbance. Together these disabilities account for 80% of the students ages 6 to 21 with disabilities served under IDEA Articulation disorders - Most students receive therapy individually or in small groups with specialist for brief sessions several times a week. Spend the majority of day in general education classes. Problems in using or comprehending language. Specific causes are unknown. Some have severe language delays during childhood development. Strategies: adapt physical environment, adapt materials, use alternative or augmentative communication, facilitate verbal responding, practice oral presentations, enlist peer assistance Learning disability- Largest single disability area. A disorder in one or more of the basic
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  • Fall '08
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  • Mental retardation, articulation disorders, Moderate mental retardation, teaching students, specific knowledge, Higher-incidence disabilities- speech

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quiz 3 - SED 201 Doubet Fall 2010 Quiz#3 Chapter 3 4 7 25...

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