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Shinto the way of kami. believe that kamis inhabit the natural world. Creation Myth Isanami and Isanagi : ( Amaterasu : the sun goddess) (1) harmonizing the stories from different tribes. (2) declaring the emperors of Japan to be divine in origin. (3) reflecting matriarchal society. (4) expressing a concern with purity. (5) creating both the islands and the people of Japan. Kamis kamis means “god”, “spirit”, “deity” types: (1) personifications : the quality: growth, fertility, production…. (2) natural phenomena : wind, thunder…. (3) natural objects : sun, moon, mountains, rivers, rocks, trees…. (4) animals. (5) ancestral spirits . Moral Philosophy (1) Engaging in respectful behavior toward spirits, humans, and nature. (2) Practicing appropriate rituals of purification and reverence. Visiting Shinto Shrines (1) praying for health, for success in school and career for the well-being of those they love (2) purification and communion (3) mirror : purity, honesty, sincerity, and impartiality sword : protection jewel : wealth Nature, Human, & Life (1) respecting the power of nature . (2) the need to be in harmony within nature. (3) human beings are fundamentally good ( body, worldly life ….). # ethnic and family dimensions. (4) people must keep their bodies, houses, and clothes clean and bright . ( washing, sweeping and cleaning have religious implications ) Objects must keep clean. Human being must keep sincere and pure. Review Questions in Shinto tradition: 1. What is Shinto? Why does Shinto represent an indigenous tradition? And then explain what Shinto beliefs emphasize. 2. What is the concept of “Kami” in Japanese culture? Give five types of Shinto Kamis. 3. What is the creation myth in Japanese culture? What is the significance of this myth? 4. What is the significance of the myth of Amaterasu’s retreat? 5. Is Susano-O good or evil? Explain the concept of good and evil in Japanese mythology. 6.
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final%20review%20sheet - Shinto Creation Myth Kamis Moral...

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