Highlights in Ramayana week 5, 07

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Highlights in Ramayana Yu-shan You The Birth of a Poem/Origins of Ramayana: The hunter: Ravana Brahma asks Valmiki to compose the Ramayana → destiny strikes human life unexpectedly Highlights in Ramayana 1. Birth of Rama : Asvamedha (horse sacrifice) Dasaratha: to beget a son Gods: to kill Ravana (Divine plan) 2. Duty in the Forest : 3. The Wedding : Sita’s Svayamvara Sita’s real identity: daughter of Mother Earth 4. Kailkeyi Banish Rama Make Bharata king 5. Dasaratha’s death Misshot a son of blind parents 6. Bharata’s decision : He placed Rama’s sandals on the throne 7. Surpanakha’s story : Surpanakha insulted Khara’s death planted the direct seed
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Unformatted text preview: 8. The golden deer : Marica took a form of a golden deer & Ravana in disguise to abduct Sita Jatayu tried to save Sita, but failed. 9. Rama helps Sugriva : so monkeys help Rama 10. Hanumanas adventures : locates Sita / bring Ramas ring to her 11. The bridge from good to evil : Adams bridge 12. The war : conflict btw good and evil Rama defeated Ravana: Ravana Ramas body 13. Sitas 1 st fire trial : Agni/ Ramas duty 14. Sitas banishment : 15. Sitas 2 nd fire trial/ Sitas return to her abode Valmiki/ Lava & Kusa Sita returned to her abode: Mother Earth Time asked Rama to go back to his origin, Eternal Waters...
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