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Week 3 LT - choose the health care services Confidentiality...

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Nurses have to deal with multiple situations that are not clearly defined under the nurse’s code of ethics. There are many circumstances when attempting to maintain the quality of patient care that the ethical principles are not clear. The goal of quality care for the patient, which includes beneficence, autonomy, confidentiality, and justice all are part of the ethical principles. “the principle of beneficence is how one defines good or goodness or doing well and avoiding evil.” (Ascension Health, 2009). Beneficence is an obligation toward others, a principle or moral, to help a person achieve important issues. The ethical principle of autonomy is the patient making a decision that is life or death related. When a patient is in the right state of mind the patient should have the rights to
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Unformatted text preview: choose the health care services. Confidentiality is an important part of the ethical principles; all health care professional must maintain confidentiality to gain the trust and confidence of the patient. The patient and health care professional should keep all diagnosis and prognosis between each other and the nurses that are helping with the treatment. Justice is common with nursing and everyday living, this is the basic principle that everyone has the right to be treated equal and fair at any and all times. Grievances will happen in the health care field and should be dealt with immediately, professionally and by the code of ethics guidelines....
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