Week 4 Administrative Ethics Paper

Week 4 Administrative Ethics Paper - Running head:...

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Running head: ADMINISTRATIVE ETHICS  1 Administrative Ethics  Christi M Paschal HCS/335 January 24, 2011 Robert Vella
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ADMINISTRATIVE ETHICS  2 Patient Privacy Patient privacy is an important issue when dealing with patients and the medical staff. Privacy laws and HIPPA laws go together when dealing with the health care policies. The patient privacy will protect the patient’s personal and health information (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). In this article a study was completed by Zogby International studies those more than 2000 adults who would rather have individual choice and control with the personal information than allowing others (Patient Privacy Rights, 2010). 91% of Americans want to monitor who are able to see their health care information (Patient Privacy Rights, 2010). Americans are concerned about more than corporations snooping, but the researchers, other employees, and people with malicious intent, for example an ex-spouse or abusive partner (Patient Privacy Rights, 2010). Arguments or Facts to Support Solution The privacy issue relates to the confidentiality of information and the access to sensitive data. The privacy issue affects everyone that has been entered in the health care system. People who have any kind of medical records from any location can be affected by identity theft or personal and medical information is released to the public causing serious damage. The more medical history a person has the more concerned about the confidentiality of the medical records (Profacgillies, 2009). Ethical and Legal Issues The ethical and legal responsibilities concerning the patient’s personal information can be an issue. The legal issue vary, there are no facility alike (Profacgillies, 2009). The legal and ethical obligations concerns keeping a patient’s information confidential, ethical issues are more
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Week 4 Administrative Ethics Paper - Running head:...

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