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Assignment #1 Due: Jan. 30, 2011 (Submit on Blackboard by 11:50 PM) The manager of a stockbroker office asked you to write a program to produce a detailed sales report after each customer. You must develop an algorithm and then write your program based on your algorithm. The algorithm and an ID block must be typed in as a comment block at the beginning of your program. Refer to the sample program posted on BB for details and format. Prompt the users for the name (Full name) of the broker and customer. Then prompt user for name of the company, price of the stock per share and number of shares to purchase. The broker charges 1.5% of the total sales for their commission. 1 week later stock price was up by 15% and the customer sold 1/2 of the stock, and 2 weeks later the stock was down by 25% and he bought back the stock that was sold. Your program must produce a report containing the following information nicely labeled and
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Unformatted text preview: formatted: Name of customer, broker and company Total number of stocks owned Total number of stock sold Current price of each share Total Sale Amount (bought and sold) Broker Commission at 1.5% Customer portfolio value Customer’s Total net income Use the following data to test your program: Customer name: Joe B. Johnson Broker’s name: John Broker Name of Company: ABC Gadget Co. Number of shares bought: 2000 Price per share: $39.56 Sample Output format: (X is replaced with the actual values) Broker’s Name: John Broker Customer’s Name: Joe B. Johnson Company’s Name: ABC Gadget Co. Total number of stocks owned: XXXXXX Total number of stock sold: XXXXXX Current price of each share: $XXX.XX Total Sale Amount (bought and sold): $XXXXX.XX Broker Commission at 1.5%: $XXX.XX Customer portfolio value: $XXXX.XX Customer’s Total net income: $XXX.XX...
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