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Assignment #2 Due: Feb. 7, 2011 (Submit on Blackboard by 11:50 PM) Write a C++ program (no need for analysis or algorithm for part A of this assignment, but need them for part B) to use C++ mathematical functions, prompt user for the necessary data and print the results. A) Your program must produce a report containing the following information nicely labeled and formatted: Natural Log log(x) Base 10 log log10(x) Absolute value fabs (x) Square root sqrt(x) Exponentiation (x y ) pow(x,y) Third root ± ² Cosine cos(x) (x is inputted in degrees) B) Implement the following formula to calculate monthly payments on a loan:
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Unformatted text preview: ³´µ¶·¸¹ º» ¼´¹· ½ ¾¿ À ¼´¹·Á  ¾¾¿ À ¼´¹·Á  à »¿Á »½ Ä Prompt user for monthly interest rate (Rate), number of payments (N), and loan amount (L). Use the following data to test your program: Loan amount: 10000 Interest rate: 1% Number of payments: 36 Print a report similar to the following: Loan Amount: $10000.00 Monthly Interest Rate: 1% Number of Payments: 36 Monthly Payment: $332.14 Total Amount Paid Back: $11957.15 Interest Paid: $1957.15...
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