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Assign3_S11 - Assign m en t 3 Du e F eb 15 2011(Su bm it on...

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Assignment # 3 Due: Feb. 15, 2011 (Submit on BB by 11:50 pm) This programming assignment will give you an int roduction to the use of the IF selection statement. The user will be asked to provide her/his name, ID (4 digit integer), and the annual income. In response, your program will verify the ID number and the year's earnings and then calculates the amount of income tax which should be paid, according to the table below. If data is Incorrect print an error message and terminate the program. Several sample runs of the program are provided below, with user input shown in bold type. Your program will be required to produce output similar to the form shown. Notice the way in which special cases should be handled. As usual full documentation and good programming practices are required. If your income is . . . Your tax is . . . less than $3500 $0.00 Otherw ise, if your income is . . . not less than . . . but less than . . . Your tax is . . plus . . of the amount over . . $3,500
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