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Name: Lecture Section Time: MATH 471: Actuarial Theory I Final Exam December 16, 2010 General Information: 1) You have between 8:00-11:00am to write the exam. 2) You may refer to both sides of one sheet of standard printer-sized paper (the size of this page). 3) You may use a non-graphing scientific and/or financial calculator. 4) Make sure you have your university ID on your desk. Anyone who writes the exam and does not follow the seating chart may receive a grade of 0, unless previously approved by me. 5) No one may leave the room during the last five minutes of the exam (10:55-11:00am). I will not accept any exams during this five minute interval. At 11:00am, everyone remaining will pass their exam materials to the person on the aisle, from whom I will collect them. There should be NO talking during this time (talking may result in a grade of 0). Once I have all of the exam materials, everyone remaining may leave. 6) Anyone still writing the exam must stop when I call time (at 11:00am)
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MATH%20471_Fall%202010%20Final%20Exam%20Instructions -...

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