Enlightenment - Enlightenment International movement...

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Enlightenment International movement Increased literacy which leads to a rise in intellectual debate A movement of political rethinking The thinkers claimed to use reason. To be rational in thought *** attempt to discover a law of human nature Voltaire → real name is Francois-Marie Arouet Early thinker of the enlightenment Wanted to write classical tragedies His parents bought their way into the nobility In 1717, he was thrown into the Bastille for his writings Goes into exile in 1726 to England, where he is very impressed by: I. The freedom of the press II. The constitutional monarchy III. The open commerce IV. The religious freedom Writes the Philosophical Letters (1733-34) which pretty much say what Voltaire was impressed by in England Was a deist , that a god created the universe but then god steps back and lets it go without his intervention One of Voltaire’s most famous works is Candide . The person goes on a journey John Locke
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Enlightenment - Enlightenment International movement...

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