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I. Legacies of French revolution Directory – under the revived republic this is the new constitution. This is what Napoleon overthrows. Promote secularization is part of the revolution. Less catholosism Feminine practice in religions increases. Important for people to establish equality before the law. Napoleon keeps it going Dismantle senurial system with the lords is important Status after revolution is based on money and merit instead of birth/privilege Leaves behind constitutional monarchy tendancies. (political model) also that of republic also leaves a “conservative” political legacy II. Napoleon Bonapart rise to power within France 1799 stages a quoo that overthrows the revolution/ replaces it with empire that hes in charge of. Very controversial figure then and now. Only 30 when stages to quoo. People either see him as total hero or suppressed democracy and brought pain and suffering Born in Corsica (island off France) father is a minor nobleman
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final_-_Legacies_of_French_revolution - I. Legacies of...

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