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I. Part I will consist of terms. You describe them and discuss their significance. Terms will be taken from those listed on the board during lecture, and usually discussed in the reading as well. You discuss three out of six terms. (15 points). Examples: Johann Tetzel, Pazzi Rebellion, Seigneurialism II. Part II will be a general essay question whose topic will be taken from the following themes or some combination of them. Essay question answers should draw on both the reading and the lectures or sections. (45 points) Study theme areas: Renaissance: - political, social, and economic characteristics of the Renaissance city-state of Florence - Humanism as a cultural movement Reformation and Religion: - causes of Protestant Reformation; its appeal and acceptance - the religious ideas & practices of various groups, including Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anglicanism, Catholicism, Judaism, Radical reformers (such as Anabaptists)
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