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1. In Díaz's account of the Aztecs, what does he choose to describe and why? How does he parallel Western ideas/customs with those of the Aztecs in the meeting of the two cultures? What are the Aztec's reactions to the massacre the Spanish carry out during the fiesta of Toxcatl? 2. How does Sepúlveda justify the Spanish domination over the Indians? How does he use Western tradition and frames of reference to evaluate the "barbarianism" of the Indians? 3. How does Las Casas try to counter Sepúlveda 's argument while arguing within the same European framework? In /Apologetic History of the Indies/, what techniques does he use to defend the Indians? 4. What sorts of crimes were witches accused of during this time? Who was most likely to be accused, whom did their supposed crimes affect, how were the acts believed to be
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