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Intro Bio 152 Lecture 1 Discussion Homework INSTRUCTIONS: This homework will not be collected or graded. However, completion of this homework will help you prepare for the first discussion quiz, which will be given at the beginning of discussion the week of Feb. 8. 1. What are the characteristics of the basic plant organs, roots, stems, and leaves? Roots Stems Leaves Anchors plant to ground Support Main photosynthetic organ Uptakes water and minerals Photosynthesis in some cases Storage (succulents) Stores carbohydrates Optimize light capture Tendrils for anchorage Makes 2° structures Transport system between roots and leaves Spines for protection Bracts to attract pollinators 2. What are the three plant tissue types and what are their characteristics and functions? Dermal Vascular Ground Protective cover for entire plant Transports water and minerals between the leaves and roots Responsible for plants metabolic functions Roots hairs on the roots Xylem moves water and minerals up the
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