9.21.09 homework - Intro Bio 151 Discussion Homework; week...

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Intro Bio 151 Discussion Homework; week of 9/21-9/25 Name: Josh Litwicki INSTRUCTIONS: Discussion Homework will be periodically collected and graded. In most weeks, however, completion of the discussion homework before discussion section will enable you to more fully participate in discussion, and to help prepare you for the activities (graded and ungraded) that you will do in discussion. Please type your answers! 1. Single-celled organisms and individual cells within multicellular organisms can vary greatly in appearance as well as in the functions they perform. Nonetheless, each of these cells is alive and therefore must have some common characteristics. a. At a minimum, what structures or components must a cell contain to be alive? List at least 3 structures/components. b. What is the function of each structure or component listed in part a? 1. plasma membrane 2. DNA/RNA 3. ribosomes 4. cytoplasm 5. proteins 1. diffusion barrier 2. contains genetic information 3. protein synthesis 4. where many cellular activities occur: cell division and metabolic pathways 5. catalysts, structural, transport, and signaling c. If you consider the types of single-celled organisms that exist today, which, if any, have a structure similar to your description in part a? The three known types of cells (bacteria, archea and eukarya) all contain these 5 different structures/components, which are located somewhere inside of the cell. 2. To get an idea of the different sizes of various cellular components, do the following calculations: Assume that the cell, its nucleus, and a globular protein—for example, an enzyme—are spherical. In addition, assume the diameter of the protein is 5 nm, the diameter of the cell is 100 µm (micrometers), and the diameter of the
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9.21.09 homework - Intro Bio 151 Discussion Homework; week...

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