HIV treatment articles - Treatment 1B 1 Author(s yr Title...

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2 Purpose of study 3study design/duration 4Methods, controls, doses, etc. Treatment 1B Montaner J, Reiss P, Cooper D, Vella S, Harris M, Conway B, Wainberg M, Smith D, Robinson P, Hall D, Myers M, Lange J. 1998. A Randomized, Double- blindTrial Compating Combinations of Nevirapine, Didanosine, and Zidovudine HIV-Infected Patients. JAMA . Vol. 279, No. 12 pp. 930-937 What are the virologic effects on various combonations of neviapine, didanosine and zidovudine? Double-blind, controlled, randomized trial for the duration of 52 weeks People with HIV-1 with no prior AIDS related illnesses or exposure to antiretroviral drugs. The drugs were issed randomly to 151 patients. Approx. 50% M, 50% F Kopacz D, Grossman L, and Klamen D. 1999. Medical students and AIDS: knowledge, attitudes and implications for education. Health Education Research. 14:1-6. (1) What attitudes do medical students express about AIDS and does their knowledge level correlate with these attitudes? (2) Do medical students' attitudes toward AIDS affect their willingness to treat AIDS patients? (3) Is there a
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HIV treatment articles - Treatment 1B 1 Author(s yr Title...

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