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Exercise 1 Weight of clip 1: 6.14g weight of clip 2: 6.08g Starting weight of dialysis tubing with solution and clips: 19g Time 2:37 2:52 3:07 3:22 3:37 3:52 Weight(g) 19 20.74 21.54 22.19 23.01 23.42 Positive controls Benedict’s test→ turned red. Glucose present Biuret test→ turned purple. Albumin present Iodine test→ turned blue/black. Corn starch present Negative controls for solution C Benedict’s test→ turned red. Glucose present Biuret test→ turned light blue. No protein present Iodine test→ turned orange. No corn starch present Water from beaker after diffusion of substance C Benedict’s test→ turned greenish blue. A little glucose present but should have been a lot of glucose. Too much water diluted the concentration of the glucose.
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Unformatted text preview: Biuret test turned a color not resembling blue or purple. No protein was present Iodine test turned orange. No starch present *we had to do another positive control using glucose and albumin mixed into the biuret solution to test whether there was proteins present in the solution. The color was first purple but after the 20 minutes in the water bath, the color turned orange. Meaning the presence of the glucose obscured the presence of the albumin. Exercise 2 Object: piece of wood (pine) Initial volume: 450mL Mass of the piece of pine wood: 26.75g Volume with the piece of pine submerged: 500mL Density= 26.75g/500mL= .0535 g/mL 3...
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