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15.pinker_questions - 8 What do children understand of the...

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Acquisition 1. What is the evidence for dissociations between linguistic and general intelligence? 2. What are the stages of syntactic acquisition? 3. According to learnability theory, what is required to learn a language? 4. What are the roles of positive and negative evidence in language learning? 5. What is the evidence from language analysis alone for the view that language must be innate? 6. What is motherese and what is its role in language learning? 7. What is the argument for morphological levels being innate?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What do children understand of the hierarchical structure of syntax? 9. What is the role of prosodic properties in syntactic acquisition? 10. What is the role of semantics in syntactic acquisition? 11. What is the explanation for over-regularization of verb endings in English past tense? 12. How might parameter setting be related to syntactic acquisition? 13. What is the subset principle and how is it related to syntactic acquisition? 6.2....
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