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Steven McCarthy International Relations Due wed.18 Chapter 4 Homework 1.) What happened in 1789 to change the International Relations  system was the French Revolution inspired from the two ideas of  nationalism and liberalism. This was the start of the first nation in the  European states or other wise stated the first people sharing a common  ideality in the same state. It changed the International Relations system by  scaring the kings and emperors of Europe that they would be over thrown  by the people. Thus causing them to try and stop the revolution. But this  made the new found republic to create an army. Making the loyal to the 
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Unformatted text preview: nation or the people not just one leader. 2.) The two sides of the concert of Europe before 1815 were the French under the ruling of Napoleon and every state that he had then controlled or that was allied with. And the opposing force Brittan, Russia, or any states being protected by Brittan. 3.) The Bismarkian system was a system of alliances between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia used to isolate France. The system ended because Bismarck could no longer balance the interests of both Austria-Hungary and Russia....
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