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Homework chapter 5 - of the land that Germany had conquered...

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Steven McCarthy International Relations Due Mon. 23 Chapter 5 Homework 1. The most important cause of World War I was the large feeling of  nationalism in Germany and its surrounding countries. Many of the  Countries around Germany had there citizens demanding  separation from there state to join other states or just have their  own for their race of people. Thus the dispute over nationalism and  nationalists wanting to become separate countries sparked the war,  when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed.  2. The problems with the Treaty of Versailles was that it ended up  punishing Germany for the war and making them pay for the  damages that France and the allies had endured. It also took most 
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Unformatted text preview: of the land that Germany had conquered and more. Causing more dividing of nationalities. 3. The reason Adolf Hitler was so successful was because he showed him self as a reasonable leader at first. He did this by bringing Germany out of the economic crisis it had been under since the ruling of the Treaty of Versailles. Another reason is that the League of Nations was weak because it had no military to stop any up rising in Germany. Also was that the leaders of France and Britain were under pressure from there own citizens to keep them out of another war or to keep the false sense peace....
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