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Steven McCarthy International Relations Due Mon. 6 Chapter 6 continued Homework    1. The main provisions of the détente that was able to be formed from  the conflict between the USSR and China over border control. Allowing  the American policy toward both China and the Soviets to change. This  then led to the Moscow Summit meeting that put agreements that were  designed to stabilize the arms race. This Also shows that both countries  now understood that there was nothing to gain from the arms race. 2. The cause of the “new cold war” was Kremlin decision to send over  80,000 USSR troops into Afghanistan to over throw there current  government. The deployment of the large amount of troops outside the 
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Unformatted text preview: Warsaw pact bought about President Carter to withdraw the Salt 2 agreements that increased spending for military defense and restated the arms race. 3. What brought the cold war to an end was the USSR now under the new leader Mikhail Gorbachev who liberalized its political and economic systems. With the ideology of communism failing the soviets had to adopt the ides of democracy. This and the cut back on military spending let to the end of the Bi-polarity back to a Multi-polar state and most of the conflict between the USSR and the US....
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