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Homework chapter 9 - weapons They are considered this...

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Steven McCarthy International Relations Due Mon. 20 Chapter 9 Homework 1. The security dilemma is when a state feels as if it is insecure and  thinks that the best way to defend itself is though increasing its own  military strength and by doing this a near by country may then feel  insecure as well then causing them to build up there own military.  Now the countries continue to feel more threatened by each other  and then try to maintain military strength equal to or greater than  the other. 2. Weapons that are considered to be “WMD’s” or weapons of mass  destruction are nuclear, radiological, biological, and/or chemical 
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Unformatted text preview: weapons. They are considered this because they pose the ability of mass destruction of another country. 3. The difference between the defense and deterrence strategies for a country’s security is that deterrence is a way of preventing war by discouraging other counties that may attack their country. They do this by making them think that if they where to attack that it would fail. The defense strategy purpose is to limit the damage or loses of an attack after deterrence has failed....
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