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Fall 2010 CIVE. 125 / ENVE. 100 1 AutoCAD Tutorials CIV.E. 125 - Civil Engineering Concepts ENV.E. 100 - Environmental Engineering Concepts Tutorial #4 - Preparation of the Survey Features Mapping Overview: The purpose of this tutorial package is to allow each team to create a series of survey feature maps. Concepts: DDINSERT, UCS Instructor: Bob McKillop E2-2301 ext. 36372 1.0 Locating Your Surveyed Shots In this section of the tutorial, you will learn how to accurately locate your points of interest (trees, waters edge, limits of weather station, etc.) on your drawing. 1.1 File Management Begin this tutorial by loading one of your existing AutoCAD drawings. Load in your previously completed Location Map Following our folder and file naming convention, you should have a file called “ baseline_map.dwg ” located in one of the following subfolders: N:\ CIVE125 AutoCAD_files Survey_features/ID#1_ID#2_ baseline_map.dwg or N:\ ENVE100 AutoCAD_files Survey_features/ID#1_ID#2_ baseline_map.dwg We could simply continue to use the same drawing name but as a precaution , we will now save (and rename) the drawing as ID#1_ID#2_features_map.dwg using the AutoCAD “ Save-As ” command. Re-name your drawing Using the “ Save-As” command, save the AutoCAD drawing as features_map.dwg ” in the following folder: N:\ CIVE125 AutoCAD_files Survey_features/ID#1_ID#2_ features_map.dwg or N:\ ENVE100 AutoCAD_files Survey_features/ID#1_ID#2_ features_map.dwg
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Fall 2010 CIVE. 125 / ENVE. 100 2 AutoCAD Tutorials 1.2 Review the previous tutorial Take a few moments and review the previous tutorial. Specifically, make sure you fully understand the following: Tell AutoCAD that you want it to reference all angles in a clockwise direction How to change the origin of the UCS How to change the orientation of the UCS How to insert a block by specifying an angle and distance from a hub In Tutorial #3 , you learned how to locate and insert a block drawing based on a specified clockwise angle and a specified distance. You will use the same approach to locate other block drawings (ie. trees, shorelines, channel centerline, etc.). You will insert approximately 80-100 of these blocks into your features map! 2.0 Layer Management Layer management is very important with this tutorial! In Chapter 3, your report will provide numerous maps. o Map 2 - Surveyed Baseline (completed last lab) o Map 3 - Alignment of Channel Cross Section o Map 4 - Limits of By-Pass Channel o Map 5 - Corrections to Existing Mapping As you continue to add your survey features to your drawing, your features_map will become extremely cluttered . Providing a cluttered map in a technical report is obviously not acceptable. It is much more appropriate to provide
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fall2010_AutoCAD_notes_tutorial04 - Fall 2010 CIVE. 125 /...

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