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Content-Type: multipart/related; start=<[email protected]>; boundary=---------- aMuMBKDMJUPUkBRwFEHDcN Content-Location: http://www.miracosta.edu/home/dlr/elect1.htm Subject: =?utf-8?Q?Electron=20Configuration=20Table?= MIME-Version: 1.0 M ------------aMuMBKDMJUPUkBRwFEHDcN Content-Disposition: inline; filename=elect1.htm Content-Type: text/html; name=elect1.htm Content-ID: <[email protected]> Content-Location: http://www.miracosta.edu/home/dlr/elect1.htm Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit C <HTML> <HEAD> <!-- Created with AOLpress/2.0 --> <TITLE>Electron Configuration Table</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff"> <CENTER> <TABLE BORDER CELLPADDING="2"> <CAPTION> <SMALL> </SMALL><BIG><B>Electron Configurations</B></BIG> </CAPTION> <TR> <TD><SMALL>1 H 1<I>s</I><SUP>1</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>28 Ni [Ar] 3<I>d</I><SUP>8</SUP> 4<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>55 Cs [Xe] 6<I>s</I><SUP>1</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>82 Pb [Xe] 4<I>f</I><SUP>14</SUP> 5<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 6<I>p</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD><SMALL>2 He 1<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>29 Cu [Ar] 3<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 4<I>s</I><SUP>1</SUP> </SMALL></ TD> <TD><SMALL>56 Ba [Xe] 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>83 Bi [Xe] 4<I>f</I><SUP>14</SUP> 5<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 6<I>p</I><SUP>3</SUP> </SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD><SMALL>3 Li [He] 2<I>s</I><SUP>1</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>30 Zn [Ar] 3<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 4<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></ TD> <TD><SMALL>57 La [Xe] 5<I>d</I><SUP>1</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>84 Po [Xe] 4<I>f</I><SUP>14</SUP> 5<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 6<I>p</I><SUP>4</SUP> </SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD><SMALL>4 Be [He] 2<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>31 Ga [Ar] 3<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 4<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 4<I>p</I><SUP>1</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>58 Ce [Xe] 4<I>f</I><SUP>1</SUP> 5<I>d</I><SUP>1</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>85 At [Xe] 4<I>f</I><SUP>14</SUP> 5<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 6<I>p</I><SUP>5 </SUP> </SMALL></TD> </TR>
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<TR> <TD><SMALL>5 B [He] 2<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 2<I>p</I><SUP>1</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>32 Ge [Ar] 3<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 4<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 4<I>p</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>59 Pr [Xe] 4<I>f</I><SUP>3</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD> <TD><SMALL>86 Rn [Xe] 4<I>f</I><SUP>14</SUP> 5<I>d</I><SUP>10</SUP> 6<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 6<I>p</I><SUP>6</SUP> </SMALL></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD><SMALL>6 C [He] 2<I>s</I><SUP>2</SUP> 2<I>p</I><SUP>2</SUP> </SMALL></TD>
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This note was uploaded on 02/14/2011 for the course CHEM 20 taught by Professor Baugh during the Fall '10 term at UCLA.

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Electron Configuration Table - Content-Type...

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