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project1_faq - 4 What is the output 7 bits and the segment...

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CS m51A: Logic Design of Digital Systems Project 1 FAQ 1. Does two-digit display show 01 or only 1 when we input 0x1? It displays only 1. 2. For inputs greater than 9, does the display show the letters A through F or the numbers 10 through 15? It displays the numbers 10 through 15. 3. What is the input? 4 bits that represent only hexadecimal digits, and a clock that oscillates faster than the eye can detect.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is the output? 7 bits and the segment select bit. 5. How does SegSel work? The 10s digit is displayed when SegSel is 1, and the ones digit is display when SegSel is 0. 6. What do the digits look like in a 7-segment display?...
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