Medicinal chemistry - Medicinal chemistry Drugs are...

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Medicinal chemistry Drugs are absorbed in the stomach then it goes in the intestine. The pH value in our stomach is 1-3. It is usually 1 when digestion is taken place but after digestion it goes back to 3. 1. The pH value in our small intestine is 7 neutral 2. The Ph value in our large intestine is 7-8 When drug is in formulation it becomes deggregation dissolution Drug in solution:- this is when the drugs is being dissolve or broken apart. Drugs in solution:- helps drugs dissolve then absorption begins to take place by crossing the membrane this is a new phase Drugs in blood: - when in the blood, it goes to where it support. Protein binding generally refers to the binding of a drug to proteins in blood plasma . The interaction can also be between the drug and tissue membranes, red blood cells, and other components of the blood. The amount of drug bound to protein determines how effective the drug is in the body. The bound drug is kept in the blood stream while the unbound components of the drug may be metabolized or extracted, making them the active part of the drug. So, if a drug is 95% bound to a binding protein and 5% is free , that means that 5% of the drug is active in the system and causing pharmacological effects. The membrane structure of a cell is moveable so that it can transport drugs. Lot of drugs are
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Medicinal chemistry - Medicinal chemistry Drugs are...

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