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EEE 333, ASU Fall 2008, Yu (Kevin) Cao Lab #4 Due Thursday, November 20 th . The objective of this lab is to be familiar with on the Spartan-3 FPGA board. Submission : Submit a file with the VHDL code to the digital drop box. You must demonstrate your work to the TA's first. ALU Implementation Implement Lab #2 on the Spartan-3 FPGA boards. Use your code from Lab #2. Just add the correct UCF entries and drive the ALU as directed. Input: Connect the high-order 4 bits of the ALU inputs to all logic 1’s or all logic 0’s based on whether
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Unformatted text preview: button BTN3 is pressed or not. The logic state of the low-order 4 bits should be selected by the slider switches on the board SW0-SW7. Output: Output the values of the ALU output using the LEDs on the board LED0-LED7. Selection: Select the ALU function using the pushbuttons BTN0-BTN2. Hint: You might want to set the system up so that the LED states are directly driven by the switches or buttons to verify that you have the correct polarity and connections before dropping in the ALU code from the previous lab....
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