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Lab Notes - including data)-Purpose-Results: 1a) H1:, H0:,...

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EXSC 205 Lab Notes 1/25/11 Bara Floyd PED 106; Mon 2-4pm, Tue 12-2pm, Fri 12-1pm -2 make-ups allowed w/out penalty if excused -Bathing suit, QUIZ, and ASSIGNMENT due next week -pg.24 body composition for QUIZ (only test on lab manual, no calculations) (know different types of methods) -LAB Final worth 1/3 of your grade -Research Hypothesis (what you expect to happen before you collect data): H 1 -Null Hypothesis: H 0 -Pearson correlation: -1.0 to +1.0 - r>cv= correlated; r<cv= no correlation -Don’t split tables between pages - Stats Assignment due next week (typed and lab report format) (2 pgs. not
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Unformatted text preview: including data)-Purpose-Results: 1a) H1:, H0:, BG; Expl:, b) c) 2a) See data section, b) H1:, H0:, r=?, degrees of freedom=18-2=16, CV=-reject or not hypothesis, conclusion c) See data section, d) y=10x+0.1=-Closing paragraph, feedback-Group Project Group: Article/advertisement that relates to the class/kinesiology/physiology-Turn group contract in w/ article, due in 2 weeks-A critique, look at it critically, due at end of semester-10 min. presentation, professional dress...
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