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This scheme generates questions

This scheme generates questions - How Did The Solve the X P...

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2/15/11 This scheme generates questions Define the function Identify Components A system to  “X” Material Selection Component Design Tentative component design Approximate stress analysis Tentative choice of material Assemble Materials Data Analysis of Materials Performance iterate Detailed Specifications and Design Choice of Production Methods Prototype Testing Performance-in-Service Further Development iterate iterate iterate What is the function of the  Device or Sub level  Component  What are its basic  components? Can the materials of the Device or Sub level Component bear the  loads, moments concentration stresses etc., without deflecting too  much, collapsing, or failing in some other way? What materials is the Device  or Sub level Component  made from (assemble  materials data CSP)? How Did The Device or Sub level Component Solve the “X” Problem? --show or make up a spec sheet including a detailed stress analysis, analysis of 
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