Review Set 3 - Problems

Review Set 3 - Problems - Phys 1L03 Tutorial session Set...

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Phys 1L03 Tutorial session Set -Practice 1. A wood block of mass ‘m = 1 kg’ is pressed against a vertical wall by the force ‘F = 10 N’ as shown. The coefficient of static friction is ‘μs = 0.7’ and the angle is ‘ θ = 45 o ’. What is the block state of motion? 2. A ‘10 kg’ box is in the back of a flatbed truck. The truck is moving toward west (in the negative x direction) in a straight line on level ground when the driver pushes the brake (accelerate in the positive x direction). The force of friction is not quite enough to cause the box remain motionless in the back of truck. What direction is the net force on the box? 3. If forces pointing to the right are in the positive direction, Draw the free body diagram of the box in the back of the truck of question 2? (N represents the normal force, W represents the weight, f k represents the force of kinetic friction, and F engine represents the force provided by the engine). 4. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor of the truck and the box, in question 2, is 0.1, what is the force of kinetic friction? 5. If the acceleration of the truck in question 2, with respect to the ground is 10 m/s 2 , What is the acceleration of the box with respect to the ground? 6.
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Review Set 3 - Problems - Phys 1L03 Tutorial session Set...

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