ECON 203 BAII-Plus Brief Instructions

ECON 203 BAII-Plus Brief Instructions - Using the BA II...

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August 24, 2006 Using the BA II Plus Calculator in Econ 203 When we don’t use the computer, the calculator can give us basic information we don’t feel like solving by hand. For Econ 203, this is especially true during tests. It’s helpful to know what you need beforehand so you can quickly do basic calculations during a test. Note that it is a class policy that no calculators with more functions than the BA II plus are allowed in examinations, so if you do not use this calculator, be sure that the calculator you do use has the functions described below and no more. If you have any unusual problems (as with any other problems in class), you can always ask any of the TAs to help you. The functions of the BA II plus that we are most interested in are the statistical ones. You can enter a sample of any size you want (up to n = 50 ), and the calculator will return basic statistics about it. 1 Entering and clearing data The first task is to get the sample into the calculator. When you want to enter your sample, you have to find DATA , which is accessed by first pressing the 2 nd key, and then pressing 7. You can read the name above the button itself. You will find that almost all of the things we use in this class will involve the 2 nd key, which is in the upper left corner — the second button from the top. When this
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ECON 203 BAII-Plus Brief Instructions - Using the BA II...

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