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Midterm Form A - NAME(If your scantron is lost having your...

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NAME: (If your scantron is lost- having your name on your exam is the only way to prove you took the exam)! Do NOT open your exam until you are told to do so! Before you turn in your exam please do the following: 1) Put your name on your exam booklet & turn it in with your scantron (i.e. you cannot take it with you ) 2) Fill in your scantron with the following information (if you don’t do this- you risk losing points): your last name & first initial your net id (this is the same as your Enterprise ID & is the first part of your University email address) your Friday section number (see below): Bubble in Bubble in this code: this code: 100 ADC 0900-0950 Diamond 500 AD1 0900-0950 Miller 150 ADQ 200-250 Diamond 550 ADL 1200-1250 Miller 200 ADA 0800-0850 Foley 600 ADO 100-150 Mokry 250 ADN 100-150 Foley 650 ADS 200-250 Mokry 300 ADJ 1200-1250 Haupt 700 ADP 100-150 Reed 350 ADM 100-150 Haupt 750 ADT 200-250 Reed 400 ADG 0900-0950 LaRoe 800 ADH 0900-0950 Tanner 450 ADK 1200-1250 LaRoe 850 ADR 200-250 Tanner Please keep in mind the following course policy regarding academic integrity: There should be no communication between students in any manner during the entire exam period. This means no talking, whispering or signaling to each other and no electronic communication. It is your job to keep your scantron/exam booklet hidden from wandering eyes. Keep your test FLAT on your desk at all times! If you are allowing your exam/scantron to be visible to other students it will be assumed that YOU are cheating. No calculators. All books and papers & cell phones must be securely placed in a back-pack or other case and placed completely under the student’s seat. Please turn off your cell phone before putting it away! If a cell phone is out during the exam it will be assumed that you are using it to violate academic integrity standards. Baseball hats, headphones and/or sunglasses may not be worn during an exam. All extra wearing apparel and parcels must be on the floor, under the student’s desk or seat during quizzes, tests or exams. By enrolling in this course students agree to abide by the rules & regulations stated in Article 4 of the Student Code. If academic dishonesty is evident your exam will be confiscated and turned over to the Accountancy Department Head for resolution. In this event, I will recommend a penalty of an “F” for the course. In especially serious cases, the Department Head may impose harsher penalties such as expulsion from the University. Please keep in mind that expulsion for cheating becomes part of your permanent academic record which will follow you for the rest of your academic career.
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