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Chemical Biology - Objectives - and ions. 6. Discuss the...

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Chemical Biology - Bee Brainwashing, Drug Discovery, and Aromaticity Section Objectives 1. Understand the role of high throughput assays in drug discovery. 2. Understand how a chemical assay can be created as a surrogate for a complex biological phenomenon. 3 . Understand how robots and automation are used in Chemical Biology. 4. Know and understand the criteria for aromaticity, and recognize compounds as being aromatic or non-aromatic. 5. Give examples of aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic compounds, both neutral
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Unformatted text preview: and ions. 6. Discuss the physical properties of aromatic hydrocarbons in relation to their reactivity, bonding, structures, and molecular weights. 7. Understand resonance and be able to draw resonance structures. 8. Be able to use various kinds of arrows correctly. 9. Understand the key concepts of combinatorial chemistry, be able to determine the number of compounds in a library, and describe what sites of diversity are....
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