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Case Study Guidelines BA 2300 > Evaluation and Grading Each case is worth 5% of your overall grade, and additional details for how to prepare them are available in the syllabus. > Cases Overview You must complete a report addressing each of the specific questions provided at the end of the case. The paper should include the output from Excel with typed interpretations and explanations below the output. Only relevant output from your spreadsheet program should be included. Each question you address should be numbered with the answers clearly organized. All cases must be produced using MS Word or other word processing package with Excel output pasted into Word. Work that is submitted from Excel only will receive an automatic 50% grade deduction. > Submitting Cases – Adobe PDF format All cases must be submitted in ADOBE PDF format and must be submitted via Bb. A free PDF writer can be found at
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Unformatted text preview: or you can buy Adobe PDF writer from If you “Google” the term “Free PDF writer”, you will find other products that will handle the conversion. > Submitting Cases – via Blackboard (Bb) You must submit your case via Bb through the Assignments feature by the due date that is listed in the syllabus. Late cases will not be accepted unless a prior arrangement has been made with me. > Submitting Cases – Cover Sheet You must submit a coversheet for each case as the first page. A template for this is provided on the next page. You can cut and paste this into your document, adding the case study #, name, your last and first name, your section, and the date submitted. BA 2300 BA 2300 Case Study Submission Cover Sheet Case Study # 1, 2, 3 or 4 Insert Case Name Here Your Last Name, First Name Your section (11:45 or 1:25) Date Submitted: MM/DD/YYY 2...
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CaseStudyGuidelines - or you can buy Adobe PDF writer from...

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