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Robert Clark, IV Pojman : -Explain the tension between diversity and colorblindness Diversity involves a celebration of different “colors” and culture’s, colorblindness ignores the difference between cultures -What is Pojman’s suggestion for addressing the problem of racism and sexism in hiring and admitting? -What is the burden of proof shift that concerns Pojman? Usually you are innocent until proven guilty, with A.A., your assumed guilt of racism or sexism if workforce is homogeneous. -Explain the two possible implications of Pojman’s NBA analogy Hiring because of merit alone works well in the NBA, so why not everywhere else and there is a disproportionate representation in the NBA and no one is crying fool. -Explain Pojman’s slippery slope argument (and the infinite regress) Another version on AA will be needed to address this new disadvantaged class, the new version of AA will create a new disadvantaged class just as the 1 st one did, so yet another version of AA will be needed… and on and on (infinite regression) -Explain what Pojman calls the “victimization syndrome” AA rewards minorities who accentuate their negative aspects (past oppression) and makes it look as if minorities cannot make it on their own. The person may not want AA. Hettinger : -Explain what Hettinger means by “reverse discrimination” Discriminating in favor of minorities (instead of against minorities) -Explain why Hettinger disagrees with the claim that A.A. is just wrongful racial and sexual discrimination aimed at another race and sex AA has different motivations and consequences; it is not for the negative but for the positive -What is Hettinger’s view on minority role models? Role models can be any race or sex. They are people who lead exemplary lives.
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Final_Study_Guide_Answers - Robert Clark, IV Pojman:...

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