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Good vs bad revised

Good vs bad revised - Those who are growing up and...

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Good vs. Bad Diverse advertisement is a question of good or bad. Studies involving diversity in commercials hit all the major points but minorities are aware that they are being targeted by big business? The simple answer seems to be no. Most advertisement ploys are so subliminal; most people only notice a positive reaction towards the product. This approach by companies may be wrong, not because an attempt to diversify their companies, but because the items minorities are selling are food/alcohol products, this brings up the argument of “bad”. This does not speak for everyone’s company that attempts to look for a way to maximize profit and corner an ever growing market. Good or bad, what happens is consumers begin to realize they are being specifically targeted? Will they be happy because they are being thought as important to the company? Or feel upset as if they were taken advantage of? The positive aspect for big business has to do with children.
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Unformatted text preview: Those who are growing up and witnessing these commercials are more likely to stay with the company of that particular product as they grow up. This gives builds loyalty from the crib to the grave. A positive aspect for customers is the commercials doing what it is meant to do, inform. Many minorities hear of many products but do not fully understand the benefits of using quality products and the improvements they have on their life. The aim of many product advertisements that is clear is quality. With a competitive market, it is good to know about high quality products and their benefits, regardless of their advertisement scheme. Informing minorities about products they can afford that is better than what they currently use is “good”. Using someone who looks like themselves to gain their interest, then it is worth it.(Bang&Reece)...
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