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GSC3600 Winter 2011. Mid-Term Exam 1 Exam 1 will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 16 from 9:35 am – 12: 15 pm and will be held in Room 91 Manoogian We’ll switch back to Room 10 to resume class room lectures in subsequent weeks. Exam 1 will be closed book/closed notes and will consist of only problems; each problem statement will be followed by leading questions that may or may not require calculations. If formulae required are deemed too complicated to memorize, I’ll be happy to provide them for you during the exam. You are allowed to use a simple calculator to do calculations; no Laptops are allowed. I have strict instructions from the Dean to report any form of cheating for possible disciplinary action. I want all of you to excel in my course. Please cooperate. All calculations should be shown correctly and neatly, and correct to 4 decimal places; points will be deducted otherwise. Your answers will be evaluated mainly for the logic that you used. There will be only minor deduction of points, if the final answer is wrong, but your calculations are logically correct. On the other hand, if the
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