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HIS 1600 FINAL EXAM REVIEW  Section 1: ESSAY Section 2: Identifications  Rozvi  o sought protection of the rich powerful men. Those who owned large herds of  cattle needed the protection of military service. Young men from poor families  would offer themselves for years of service to the military in exchange for enough  cattle to pay off the bride wealth for later marriage.  o One such wealthy cattle owner was Dombo, who possessed a private army that  known as the “Rosvi” (the destroyers).  o o of the Zimbabwe plateau.  Nyatsimbe Mutota o The origins of the ruling dynasty at Mutapa go back to some time in the first half  of the 15th century. According to oral tradition, the first "mwene" was a warrior  prince named Nyatsimba Mutota from the Kingdom of Zimbabwe sent to find new  sources of salt in the north in the year 1420. Prince Mutota found his salt among  the Tavara, north Shona in the Dande area, who were prominent elephant  hunters.  o Here was an ideal site for the founding of an alternative state to that of Zimbabwe  Umma 
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a. Replaced lineage & clans by Muhammad who wanted to strengthen the patriarch clan. Umma enhances woman & children with rights & needs from a sacred standpoint; yet still not equal. Women were able to hold property in their name and were able to inherit 25% of their husband’s estate. Umma protected women from hasty divorces from their husbands. Umma also allowed women to initate divorces from their husband. Yet, none of these were formally made into law. Admiral d’Almeida
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