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global poverty - Global Poverty and International Aid...

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Global Poverty and International Aid 9/27/2010 Question What obligations do individuals of wealthy nations have towards people in suffering nations? People in US towards people living off of a $1 per day about 10% of the world Numbers Every year more than 6 million children under age of 5 die from preventable causes (malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, etc….) More than 50% of Africans suffer from water-related diseases (cholera, infant diarrhea) 3 million people die per year from malaria Of 300 million kids going to bed hungry more than 90% suffering from long-term malnutrition More than 2.6 billion do not have basic water sanitation and more than 1 billion use unsafe drinking water sources Women in Africa have a 1in 16 chance of dying in pregnancy or childbirth 91 in 3,700 in North America) Peter Singer Born 1946 Australian philosopher Career Monash University (1977-1999) Princeton University (1999-Present) Author “Famine, Affluence, Morality” and “Animal Liberation” Argument P1 suffering/death from lack of food/shelter/medical care is bad P2 if we can prevent this without sacrificing something of comparable moral importance, we ought, morally, to do it P3 most of us are in position to prevent suffering and death without sacrificing anything of moral importance Conclusion all have moral duty to prevent suffering and death around the world even if it’s cutting out on “luxuries” in our lives “Luxuries” new clothes, movies, dinner, coffees, etc… Theoretical interlude 1 Philosophers dividers actions into several categories Morally prohibited actions that are permitted Morally neutral Morally obligatory just have to do
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Provide for children Supererogatory good to do, but don’t have to do Help the needy but you’re in a rush Morally obligatory also known as moral duty or moral obligation Or say that you are morally prohibited to fail to perform an obligatory action Person who fails to perform morally obligatory or performs morally prohibited means Subject to criticism May be subject to punishment We may have moral duties (of varying strengths) of different strengths to influence their behaviors and their future behaviors Singer’s key Analogy Kid drowning in pond-save him even though it will ruin your shoes? Uses case to derive a general moral principle (P2 of his argument) If wish to avoid Singer’s conclusion to challenge is to find a morally relevant difference between this case/global poverty 9/29/2010 What is Singer saying? Not all in article but in interviews/other items he’s written He does not say that distribution of wealth worldwide should be completely equal Says we should just help to get people out of complete poverty Does not say that every citizen of wealthy nations are obligated to give substantial portions of his or her incomes
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global poverty - Global Poverty and International Aid...

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